Heather Marie Vernon
I cultivate my attempts at Gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art) inspired by an all-embracing art form. An expanded field of alternative practice, pedagogy, and expressive arts therapy. My "art works", are a relational result of an intimate process of "living as a work of art". Marcel Duchamp, said when asked what he did? replied, "I am a réspirateur a (breather). I enjoy it tremendously". I see my life, my art, like my breath, integral to my culminating events and assemblages and I enjoy it tremendously.
I assemble personas, to spur excitements, and sensations, (spillers) and then (collectors) personas to produce, archive and critically engage the work. With all these persona's I become a ringleader in my personal circus with a spectrum of colorful characters who vascilate between comedy/tragedy in a network of sensation and affect I align with an idea, revolve around that insistence and literally embody the work as I navigate through an intimacy with materials, ideas and methodologies. My Performances, Videos, Sculptures, Paintings and Installations are a resulting translation of this on-going conversation as an expressive artist and as a woman. As an arts educator and creative arts therapist in training, my pedagogy, is also an expanded practice, as I work with young children or with the elderly, I invite my students to engage the creative process by using a variety of materials, I say "make it by experimenting, problem solving and thinking outside of the box" whether it is art, is not as important as engaging in a creative process of making, attempting, and learning from the process of creating.

heather marie vernon
January 2010

In December 2010 I started a Youtube residency, where I create new videos daily.